Sanibel Catering Company by Bailey’s

Live, Eat, and Enjoy.

Sanibel Catering Company by Bailey’s offers a broad palette of creative menus planned around your tastes, needs, and budget. Every menu is personalized to fit your event’s needs, no matter the size or request. Our highly skilled chefs will help guide you to create a menu that is unique to your event. 

Bailey’s is committed to fresh ingredients, great food, exceptional service, practical planning, and flawless coordination for any event. Whether it’s a simple backyard BBQ or a large fine dining event, let the professional team at Bailey’s General Store do the work for you.

A catering menu is one small part of a successful event and for that reason, Bailey’s goes one step further by working directly with you to handpick items for your menu and take time to assist in formulating the perfect theme that works directly with what you envision for your event.

In-Home Catering

Are you planning a special home catering event like an anniversary party, fabulous tailgate, or a holiday party you want everyone to remember? We can help! Our team is known as one of the top in-home catering services in Southwest Florida. 

Event Catering

Putting your best foot forward is very important when hosting a corporate event. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering for executives, a retreat to train staff, or the ultimate holiday party to impress clients, Bailey’s is going to make you look great!

A local catering company is a great option for gatherings such as weddings, graduations, and birthdays because you are able to meet with catering staff and ensure that each aspect of your affair is exactly what you envision. We understand the extravagance needed to carry forth and always approach an event with your needs in mind.

Personalized Weddings

Each member of our staff is well trained in the culinary arts and has a deep passion for creative catering where they do not just cook food but create an experience to remember. At Bailey’s, we approach each of our weddings with delicacy and precision in order to introduce food that is stimulating, intriguing, and exciting. Each event is draped with a touch of class and originality, incomparable to other catering companies on Sanibel Island. 

From the initial planning consultation to the end result we will design a menu, ambiance, and staff to fortify the most inspiring event imaginable. Combining the ability to construct client-specific events and produce fantastic food allows Bailey’s to provide a menu for any event that denotes a dining experience that equates to any fine dining establishment.

We go beyond the standard caterer, working to provide not only the food you envision but the event of your dreams. Our educated team is available to provide advice in detailed arenas that directly affect your celebration. From intimate groups to extravagant events, we are confident that we can be just the help you need creating the affair of your dreams.

Fully Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Home

Not to be confused with prepackaged meals, these are your own personal meals our Chefs prepare with care, attention, and a firm eye on healthy standards.

Whether you are buying for yourself or ordering for a loved one, shop with confidence knowing that our Chefs have done the hard work. Based on your needs/wants, we will develop a selection of delicious meals, tailored to meet specific dietary requirements. The moment a meal leaves the stove it is quickly packed and delivered to your door to lock in nutrition, flavor, and juiciness. This way, your food delivery is fresh, hot, and delicious.

Do you need to promote good health through nutritionally balanced meals?

Our Chefs can work with you to create perfect diabetic, weight loss, senior, low sodium, and gluten-free meals.